[Track] Dhilip Varman and Alinda Alphonse’s Mugavarigal

Ithayamellam album

When it comes to the Malaysian Tamil scene, our rap songs are often hailed as the best. Thus, often Malaysia is referred as the birth of Tamil Hip Hop. However, due to this, we often  forget we also produce some of the best melody songs. In recent times, there has been a shift from rap to melody and this latest track produced by One Vision Entertainment brings together probably the best male and female vocals in the Malaysian Tamil scene – Dhilip Varman and Alinda Alphonse. The track is titled Mugavarigal and it is in the album Ithayamellam. The lyrics is penned by M. Puvanaa, while Dhilip Varman did the music for this track. It is a soothing track which highlights the peaceful vocals of both Dhilip and Alinda! Do listen to it and lend your support!


You can also check One Vision Entertainment who produced this track:



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