IRAVU Tamil Shortfilm releasing soon !


IRAVU Tamil Shortfilm.
Creartive Shutter present CO Produced by: Creative Art Pictures & Prince KK Studio
Written & Directed by : KOKILAN ( PrinCe Kay K )
Cast : Suthesh , Devandran , Banu Ardelle
Music : Jaayy Dee


[Event] TRAP – Back2DFuture

TRAP – Back2DFuture

TRAP is back once again! And this time the guest artist is Balan Kashmir with his Starrsound team. The TRAP acts will include Deftman, Hardee Bee, Raja Suriyah, Urban Unity and Viswamitra. Besides, Saran Narayanan and MeAndMyPunjabiFriend is set to make a special appearance! Hence, this 14th October 2012, head to HQ Bar and immerse yourself in Tamil Rhythm and Poetry!

[Video] IBP’s OKT


IramaBayu Production has released their first single from their upcoming mixtape – Saavadi. The single, OKT, is indeed infectious but what got us hooked to this song is the video! The video was awesomely crafted by Thanwan, Navin, Bobby Raj & Susu Suren.

Saavadi Mixtape

OKT features Coruz Hooks, Ram Nath, NtahSape2Ntha – Al Zubyr, RydzaRadzy and Freakuensi and K2. Do not miss this video as it is one of a kind and it will surely top our future review on Top Ten Music Videos of 2012.

[Interview] D7 – the Star from KL East


He goes by the name D7 and he is one part of the ten-man troupe – S.L.Y Squad! On June 16, 2012, S.L.Y Squad released their album – Ithu Chumma Trailer. The album received tonnes of positive reviews and it made S.L.Y Squad a household name in the independent scene. Thus, D7 is no stranger to the local scene, while heaping many praises for his musical pursuit, D7 is one act to lookout for in the near future! Therefore, without further ado, we present you – the one and only, D7!

The Interview with D7

D7 with Kuma

DailyMMNews: How did you get your name D7 and what does it mean?

D7: D stands for my real name which is Danesh, while 7 is my favourite and lucky number. Besides, from a music point of view, there is a chord called D7 in several music instruments. 

S.L.Y Squad in 2010

DailyMMNews: How did you get involved with S.L.Y Squad?

D7: S.L.Y Squad was initially known as Lucifer Rules Guyz at an early stage. This was like 8 years ago when AC, Kuma, C’lan and I started our music journey during our schooling years. After few years, in 2008, we re-named ourselves as S.L.Y Squad which consists of 10 members which includes Big Syze, Shane X’treme, Kuma, R.I.E, Mista Cary, Body G, AC, C’snav, Primenal Kash and me, D7.

DailyMMNews: Inni Vendham was a huge hit, how did this impact your career?

 D7: Inni Vendham did have an impact on my career. It was our 2nd commercial track after 2 years from the day we released Yennai Yenna Seithai. After the song was released (Inni Vendham), a lot of expectations came with it. Since our music was in the spotlight, many people were expecting for a variety of music and new concepts in our tracks. As for my music career, I received few offers from both local and overseas artists to feature in their upcoming tracks. I would like to credit the whole squad/team who worked hard towards the perfection of this track.

DailyMMNews: How was the experience in filming your first music video – Inni Vendham?

D7: It was really amazing. At first, I thought it will be very hard but we had great fun with the entire crew (including technicians and people whom helped us). As for the acting role, compared to Thyivya and Mista Carey, Shane X’treme and I had a great time because our character (in the music video) is different as we are not caught in love problems. Rather, we are the ones – the middle person – representing both Thyivya and Mista Carey. Thus, we could be ourselves in front of the camera.



DailyMMNews: After Inni Vendham, you are involved with Ninaithu, how is that project coming along?

 D7: To be honest, Ninaithu is a project which we started a year ago after completing Inni Vendham. It is another love track with a different feel. The same team who has worked for Inni Vendham (except Mista Carey) did this project. The song is nearing the completiong and scheduled to be released in the mid of September if everything goes as well as planned.


S.L.Y Squad

DailyMMNews: S.L.Y Squad is releasing The Freetape, can you briefly explain what is this mixtape about?

D7: For your kind information, nothing has yet been confirmed as for now as most of us are working on different projects. However, if there is a possibility, we will definitely update about it.


D7 with Shane X’Treme

DailyMMNews: How did you get involved with music?

D7: To start off I do not have any musical background. Before I was known as a rapper, I also did singing, melody tracks, arranging tracks and also a lyricist. I am a great fan of A.R Rahman since I was five years old. His music really inspired me and I learnt a lot by observing him. Besides being a great musician, A.R Rahman is also a very simply guy and a multi-talented personality. These qualities attracted me the most. Besides A.R Rahman, I can say Eminem, Chingy, Yuvan Shankar and my best buddy, Shane X’treme have influenced me in my music journey. Just to add, keyboard is my favourite musical instrument. 

DailyMMNews: What are your future plans?

D7: My directions are not yet planned! Keep following (smiles)

S.L.Y Squad

DailyMMNews: Anything you would like to add?

D7: I would take this opportunity to thank my parents, relatives, friends, my group members, crew members (that worked with me all this while). Also, for all of those supported me & my group since Day 1.We owe you guys a big one. Not forgetting, I would like to thank Daily MM News for this opportunity.

Truth is, we, at Daily MM News are thankful for D7 in co-operating to do this brief interview with us! D7 is part of the amazing S.L.Y Squad who has been turning heads in recent months. Their debut album, Ithu Chumma Trailer, are in stores and do grab the original copy. D7 is certainly one talent to look out for in our music industry!

Facebook Page:


[Features] Muthal Naal Indru shortfilm

Muthal Naal Indru

As we have mentioned, Muthal Naal Indru, the much-awaited shortfilm is releasing on the 31st of August 2012 under MyTamilChannel. This shortfilm is directed by Karthik Shamalan, while the music and background music is by Jose Franklin. Also, the lyrics are penned by Yuwaji, while cinematography is by SK Satiya and Karthik Shamalan. The cast includes Ranesh, Jaya, PD Sara and Easwari. The shortfilm is produced by S Cape Imagination and W Four V Productions. This shortfilm is distributed by and will released online with MyTamilChannel.

Indeed, not many shortfilms are produced in the independent scene, thus this will be great benchmark for upcoming people who are interested in this field. Besides, Muthal Naal Indru is also a unique as it sees the collaboration between Malaysia and India as Jose Franklin is from India. Prior to the release of this shortfilm, S Cape Imagination released the video song – Kanavey, from this movie. The song was a considerable hit as it had garnered more than 4000 hits in YouTube.

This shortfilm is indeed to lookout for as to witness what has Karthik Shamalan and his team has in stores for us!

[Interview] MC Sai, the leading UK-based Tamil rapper

MC Sai

UK-based Tamil rapper, MC Sai, has been drawing attention lately, with his much awaited debut album about to be released. This Tamil rapper is an emerging talent to be on the lookout for in the coming year. MC Sai first exploded in the music scene for his passionate lyrics and timing skills with Pulihalikea Savalaa. Upon the release of Pulihalikea Savalaa, MC Sai has gone from strength to strength while gaining a cult following from the UK and Canada. His album, Simmasanam: The Throne, is a cumulative effort of four years from this young rapper. He has worked with Steve Cliff from Canada extensively on this album. Thus, we at DailyMMNews, were lucky enough to get this upcoming star for a brief interview as he is busy preparing the final stages of his album launch.

The Interview with MC Sai

Congrats on the upcoming release of Simmasanam, your debut music album. It must have been a great journey knowing you took four hard years to actually from building yourself up to getting to this point. So, let’s get this interview started:

DailyMMNews: MC SAI is quite a household name in the UK and also in Canada. How does that make you feel?

MC Sai: It feels great to be part of everyone’s history. I realized the fight for fame is really only the fight to stay in the memories of everyone, for a long lasting time. As far as being a household name, it’s a feeling that cannot be described but it gives me the confidence to pursue my dreams.  

DailyMMNews: How do you define your music and what is your breakthrough track?

MC Sai: I try not to define my music as much as I can. I do not like restricting myself to just one genre. Music is an art and you should let your pen write whatever your mind speaks and seeks. Let the inspiration decide what type of music you produce. However, if I had to define what I do, I would say I try to mix anything and everything to make it sound good. As for my breakthrough track, I would say it Pulihalikea Savalaa, where Gaji of GJ Arts did the music. 

DailyMMNews: There was a time in your career you decided to quit music for good. However, many people were reluctant to let you go, particularly Anukshan Jeyarajah of JR Mediaworks. So, why did you decided to quit music in the first place?

MC Sai: It came down to a stage where I was not able to deal with the workload betwee work, studies and music. Besides, the scene was highly political. I did not want to be part of all the backstabbers that where playing games then. And worst of all, I began to lose things which were close to me one by one due to music. It was becoming hard and complicated. Nonetheless, thanks to everyone at that moment as they stood by me and kept me going. If not for them, today I would not here and Simmasam would never have materialized.

DailyMMNews: What do you expect from Simmasanam?

MC Sai: I hope everyone will purchase the CD, listen to each and every song, understand the research, hard work and thoughts gone behind them. And maybe even a break to higher grounds. I would love to expose what I have in store to a bigger mass through established media platforms. 

DailyMMNews: The first Malaysian artist you worked with was Stylomannavan, how was that experience?

MC Sai: Stylomannavan was a great chap, he was not arrogant, had no ego when we spoke. He was very down-to-earth. I love his passion for music and the things he do for music. I first came across him in Dr. Burn’s album and later got in contact with him through social media. I decided to work with him as he provided the variation I was looking for in the song ‘Sirruki’. He was great to work with, got me back all the vocal files within days of me sending it. Indeed, he is a dedicated artists whom I saw a mirror image of me. I would say we instantly clicked and overall it was great to enter another market, apart from Europe.

DailyMMNews: Any plans to release this album in Malaysia?

MC Sai: Of course, there are plans. What is the use of releasing a Tamil rap album without releasing it in Malaysia, the birth place of Tamil hip hop! Currently, I am in talks with a handful of distributors and we will get it to Malaysia by the 26th of September, fingers crossed! If not, I assure you it will come through to Malaysia but on a later date.     

MC Sai

DailyMMNews: How is the Tamil music scene in the UK and Europe?

MC Sai: It is very different to what it is in Malaysia (laughs). We have not got even half the amount of musicians in the scene like Malaysia does. People of Europe and North America are still getting used to the fact of a new genre of Tamil music, which is rap with the elements of Hip Hop. Nevertheless, it would not be long before the market becomes as big as it is in Malaysia. To add on, hats off to Malaysian supporters, I feel the vibe all the way from here in London.

DailyMMNews: After Simmasanam, what are your plans in your music career?

MC Sai: A holiday for sure (laughs). This album has taken me 4 years to put together. From working up to create a fan base all the way into producing the album. If this becomes successful I will continue to pursue my dreams in music. However, if it does not go to plan, I have no choice but to go back into life and deal with making one for myself.

Rebelstar Records

DailyMMNews: Rebelstar Records have been your pillar of strength. Would you like to convey any message to them?

MC Sai: Yes, Rebelstar Records was born with me. It has been a part of me from day one and it will always remain in my heart like a tattoo. Everyone in Rebelstar Records work as a family and that is why I love the company.

DailyMMNews: Any final words?

MC Sai: Kill piracy and Malaysia, I am coming to you, I want to see life there with my own two eyes and I can’t wait!  

[Features] K Town Clan and ABU Radio Song Festival 2012

K Town Clan – The Kings of Crunk

K Town Clan, the big winners of VIMA Awards 2012 and Bite My Music Global Awards, are set to represent Malaysia in a global scale. The trendsetters are selected to represent Malaysia in the upcoming ABU Radio Song Festival in Seoul 2012.

ABU Radio Song Festival

The ABU Radio Song Festival is a musical showcase from across Asia, Australia and the Pacific. The Festival aims to embrace and recognize the diverse musical talents of nations within the region by uncovering the crème de la crème of unsigned acts. Being selected for such a competition clearly shows the credibility and prowess of K Town Clan.

K Town Clan needs no introduction to this blog or the local scene as they have been constantly pushing their musical boundaries to reach greater heights. Upon winning Astro Blast Off 1 and releasing their first single, Come Get Some, K Town Clan disappeared from the local scene and after six years working behind closed doors, K Town Clan has not only redefined their music but pioneered an entire music genre in Malaysia. In 2011, they released their much awaited debut album, Playground, which was released to positive reviews. While pioneering the crunk genre in Malaysia, which is foreign to Malaysians, K Town Clan has managed to carve a niche market for them in the already diverse Malaysian music landscape. Not just limiting themselves to crunk, the creative minds behind K Town Clan created a new genre in which they aptly call it as ‘Twisted Crunk’. K Town Clan has never failed to entertain and they are known for their incredible output. They took six years to redesign and experiment with their music, thus, it is only appropriate to say patience in virtue.

As for the ABU Radio Song Festival, the crunk boys are putting forth their number one hit from their album, Party Animal. Party Animal is an energetic and up-beat track which is currently gracing the night clubs from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu.

PSCYHO Nite ’12

Psycho Nite 2012

For the 1st time ever #PSYCHO.unit and #Pscyhomantra will be sharing stage at Long Bar, One World Hotel, 1Utama . This event is presented by Millennium Eventz . This Year End will feature  Psycho. Unit label artists Rabbit.Mac and Sheezay alongside Psychomantra and Crank KS and many more Denes (Aatam 100 Vagai) will be hosting the event.

For the first time ever performing live together. One of the greatest year end party. Don’t miss it!!

Date: 29th December 2012 • Time: 9PM
Venue: Long Bar, One World Hotel, Bandar Utama (1Utama), Petaling Jaya
Ticket: RM50
Ticket Hotline: 0166731954 (RAJ)

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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