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[Opinion] Five new individual talents to look out for!

The Mannin Mainthargal scene is one of the most active scene in Malaysia, each month, there is a new artists coming up with a new single. Thus, selecting five individual talents is hard as I have not had the opportunity to hear them in live shows or listen to their latest tracks, therefore my selection here are based on new talents which are quite rightly established. These are entirely my personal viewpoint and you have the right to agree or disagree. Below are five new individual talents which I believe that are acts to be on the lookout for in the near future (it is not in any specific order).

Vish-1 of No Name Recordz

Vish-1 of NNR

Vish 1 of No Name Recordz, or also affectionately known as Kanne Kutty, is one rapper/ singer not to be missed. Although, he has been in the music industry for some time, his first entrance in the music industry came through MVP’s first self-titled track, in which he was approached by Mr5K and Switch. Later on, he featured in the Jaybee Jalsa Jalsa track alongside Mr5K, Sai Prashanth, Shameshan and El’Hustler.

Vish-1’s big break as a solo artists came in July 2011 with Confusion featuring Sheezay. The track made Vish-1 a recognizable name in the industry as it was a remarkable hit. Vish-1’s next tracks Nalla Nearam with Deftman and Naatu Katte featuring Psychomantra, achieved considerable amount of success thus elevating Vish-1 name to greater heights. Vish-1 also featured in Superboys Anthem and MVP’s Ponnambalam. Not forgetting, the track which made Vish-1 a certified artist among the listeners was Minnal Penne, a track by Sai Prashanth featuring Rabbit. Mac and Vish-1. As of now, Vish-1 is working on No Name Recordz’s compilation album. Also, Vish-1 has numerous tracks all lined up to be released soon which will surely make him a household name. He is indeed one talent to look out for in the near future as he has been consistently delivering successful tracks.

Dr. Sakthi

Dr. Sakthi

The reggaeman is already a force to be reckoned with. Dr Sakthi started his musical journey all the way back in 2001 as a hidden member for KLG Sqwad, thus considering him as a new talent is not so appropriate. Nonetheless, it is only recently, Dr. Sakthi is going mainstream, thus the new talent tag is sort-of okay, to say the least. After performing alongside KLG Sqwad for a year, in 2002, he left to Ukraineto pursue medicine. In Ukraine, he became further involved in reggae music and soon after he saw himself forming a band called Riddim Souljah and touring across Ukraine with local Russian bands to pioneer the local hip-hip/rap/reggae scene over there. In between his studies, he returned to Malaysia and forged an alliance with Asia’s reggae ambassador, Sasi the Don. During the period from 2007 to 2009, he honed his skills by sharing stages with big names such as Sasi the Don, Dayang Nurfaizah, Gary, Salam, Reshmonu, Prema Yin and the famous Apache Indian atLondon.

Dr. Sakthi has numerous feature hits under his belts, such as Kondattam Remix, One Two Remix, Psychomantra’s Railey Railey (Punithama Thulasi Album), Sasi the Don’s Right Time Comes (Don’t Panic, it’s Just Music Album) and recently , Legend Mathan’s Kadhal Bell (Varalaru album). His first single is a Tamil version of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry (Penne Kaneer Vidathe), which was written by himself and produced by D’Navigator. He also did a track called Kannum Kannum, a remake. Dr. Sakthi has indeed a lot more to offer, but at the moment, the reggaeman is tied up with his career as a medicineman, nonetheless let’s hope something is brewing in the Starrsounds kitchen.

Mr. 5K

MR. 5K

Keep The Change released in May 2012 and ‘Whose Lambat Tea’ music video likely to follow suit in June 2012. MR. 5K has got everything going in the right direction for him, at the moment. His album is doing well in the market as for now and through postings in social media, he is getting a lot of praises. Not to mention, he has officially signed with the acclaimed Psycho. UnitAsia. MR5K has a bright future ahead of him in the Mannin Mainthargal scene if he continues his humour driven verses.

MR. 5K first surfaced to the limelight with the release of ‘Whose Lambat Tea’ through Psycho.unit’s Rabbit and Friendz compilation album. His unique and humour driven style captured the attention of the listeners immediately. The success of ‘Whose Lambat Tea’ gave MR. 5K the confidence to pursue his passion more aggressively. Thus, his involvement in the Jaybee Jalsa Jalsa track and also with MVP boosts his credentials as an upcoming rapper and singer.

Born in Simpang Pulai, in which he often addresses in his songs, MR. 5K was actively involved in making music and practicing in his late teen years. His first single, which is aptly titled as Money Maker, was released in 2008. The following year, he released Kandangi Selai, which was remade as Silk Sareez in his latest album, alongside Prince Dave and Kzwan from Johor Bahru and El’Hustler of No Name Recordz from Singapore.

In 2011, MR. 5K worked in a movie soundtrack called Ticket, from the movie off the same title. MR. 5K has gone from strength to strength and his latest album is the pinnacle of his success. MR. 5K is indeed an interesting talent to watch and keep a tab on as how he develops in the coming years. My guess is MR. 5K is set to skyrocket in the near future if he ups his game yet keeps his style. And under Psycho.unit, you can expect Daddy Shaq getting the best out of him.

Thyivya Kalaiselvan

Thyivya Kalaiselvan

Thyivya Kalaiselvan has just one track out, but that one track is enough to make her as a future talent we should keep an eye. When Inni Vendham was released, everyone was eager to know who the female vocalist was and it was Thyivya, a relatively unknown vocalist. The success of Inni Vendham has led to the conception of its video. The teaser looks top notch and expect it to be dropping somewhere near 16 June 2012, as to when the actual album launching takes place. Let’s hope Thyviya has more in store for us in SLY Squadz’s album Ithu Chumma Trailer and not just an one hit wonder.

Mas T

Mas T (Clone Brahmasthen) – Picture courtesy of Sharp Shooter

Currently under Clone Brahmasthan, Mas T has three tracks out which are Tamila (featuring Haze Freaky G and A-Plus) and Chinna Chittu (featuring Lil Joe J and A-Plus) and Mugaputhagam. His latest track, Mugaputhagam, has been in THR Raaga Top 10. It is track which I define as Tamil Chilled Hip-Hop. Do not expect heavy spits or fast-popping beats, it is melodious and pleasant to listen if you just want to chill on a random Thursday afternoon. If you have missed the free download of this track, do not fret, the music video is coming out soon. The music was produced by A-Plus and recorded, mixed and mastered by the fame Boy Radge. His album, titled 1 Man Army, is set to be released on August 2012. Mas T might be relatively new to the music industry but I am pretty sure he is getting good support both from fellow artists and friends. Expect the name Mas T to be synonymous in the local industry soon.

These are the five talents which I believe will be household names in the future. Well, some of them are already familiar names to avid followers of the local scene. Again, these are my personal views and do disagree with me in the comment section.