[Interview] D7 – the Star from KL East


He goes by the name D7 and he is one part of the ten-man troupe – S.L.Y Squad! On June 16, 2012, S.L.Y Squad released their album – Ithu Chumma Trailer. The album received tonnes of positive reviews and it made S.L.Y Squad a household name in the independent scene. Thus, D7 is no stranger to the local scene, while heaping many praises for his musical pursuit, D7 is one act to lookout for in the near future! Therefore, without further ado, we present you – the one and only, D7!

The Interview with D7

D7 with Kuma

DailyMMNews: How did you get your name D7 and what does it mean?

D7: D stands for my real name which is Danesh, while 7 is my favourite and lucky number. Besides, from a music point of view, there is a chord called D7 in several music instruments. 

S.L.Y Squad in 2010

DailyMMNews: How did you get involved with S.L.Y Squad?

D7: S.L.Y Squad was initially known as Lucifer Rules Guyz at an early stage. This was like 8 years ago when AC, Kuma, C’lan and I started our music journey during our schooling years. After few years, in 2008, we re-named ourselves as S.L.Y Squad which consists of 10 members which includes Big Syze, Shane X’treme, Kuma, R.I.E, Mista Cary, Body G, AC, C’snav, Primenal Kash and me, D7.

DailyMMNews: Inni Vendham was a huge hit, how did this impact your career?

 D7: Inni Vendham did have an impact on my career. It was our 2nd commercial track after 2 years from the day we released Yennai Yenna Seithai. After the song was released (Inni Vendham), a lot of expectations came with it. Since our music was in the spotlight, many people were expecting for a variety of music and new concepts in our tracks. As for my music career, I received few offers from both local and overseas artists to feature in their upcoming tracks. I would like to credit the whole squad/team who worked hard towards the perfection of this track.

DailyMMNews: How was the experience in filming your first music video – Inni Vendham?

D7: It was really amazing. At first, I thought it will be very hard but we had great fun with the entire crew (including technicians and people whom helped us). As for the acting role, compared to Thyivya and Mista Carey, Shane X’treme and I had a great time because our character (in the music video) is different as we are not caught in love problems. Rather, we are the ones – the middle person – representing both Thyivya and Mista Carey. Thus, we could be ourselves in front of the camera.



DailyMMNews: After Inni Vendham, you are involved with Ninaithu, how is that project coming along?

 D7: To be honest, Ninaithu is a project which we started a year ago after completing Inni Vendham. It is another love track with a different feel. The same team who has worked for Inni Vendham (except Mista Carey) did this project. The song is nearing the completiong and scheduled to be released in the mid of September if everything goes as well as planned.


S.L.Y Squad

DailyMMNews: S.L.Y Squad is releasing The Freetape, can you briefly explain what is this mixtape about?

D7: For your kind information, nothing has yet been confirmed as for now as most of us are working on different projects. However, if there is a possibility, we will definitely update about it.


D7 with Shane X’Treme

DailyMMNews: How did you get involved with music?

D7: To start off I do not have any musical background. Before I was known as a rapper, I also did singing, melody tracks, arranging tracks and also a lyricist. I am a great fan of A.R Rahman since I was five years old. His music really inspired me and I learnt a lot by observing him. Besides being a great musician, A.R Rahman is also a very simply guy and a multi-talented personality. These qualities attracted me the most. Besides A.R Rahman, I can say Eminem, Chingy, Yuvan Shankar and my best buddy, Shane X’treme have influenced me in my music journey. Just to add, keyboard is my favourite musical instrument. 

DailyMMNews: What are your future plans?

D7: My directions are not yet planned! Keep following (smiles)

S.L.Y Squad

DailyMMNews: Anything you would like to add?

D7: I would take this opportunity to thank my parents, relatives, friends, my group members, crew members (that worked with me all this while). Also, for all of those supported me & my group since Day 1.We owe you guys a big one. Not forgetting, I would like to thank Daily MM News for this opportunity.

Truth is, we, at Daily MM News are thankful for D7 in co-operating to do this brief interview with us! D7 is part of the amazing S.L.Y Squad who has been turning heads in recent months. Their debut album, Ithu Chumma Trailer, are in stores and do grab the original copy. D7 is certainly one talent to look out for in our music industry!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/slysquad

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/d7-s-l-y-squad


4 thoughts on “[Interview] D7 – the Star from KL East”

  1. On the 2nd question, D7 answers formerly it was Lucifer Rulez Guyz was named by me and I’m C’Lan. Now im far and watching their growth and my friend really didn’t forget me… Thank You for mentioning me Macha…

  2. A very humble person.. Wish him all the gud luck and best wishes for his future 🙂
    Keep rocking.. Definitely he’s gonna be someone in future 🙂

  3. danesh known as D7 a music passionate guy and very talented too .ur songs has touched so many people’s heart ..I hope u will u will come up with more albums ..all ur songs were awesome.may god bless u..

    u’re such awesome guy !!
    wish u all the best in future.

  4. S.L.Y Squad is the best.. The members of the group are very humble and talented in their own ways.. The group members are also well known as the Machanz..Their songs are awesome and the meanings and every line on each song speaks for itself…. The song inni vendham is just a wonderful song.. I literally listen to it everyday.. It does not bore me at all… Everyones effort really paid off for this particular song..D7 is one of my favourite singer.. He is such a friendly, and a down to earth person i ever met.. I would like to wish them all the best for the future…

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