[Features] Muthal Naal Indru shortfilm

Muthal Naal Indru

As we have mentioned, Muthal Naal Indru, the much-awaited shortfilm is releasing on the 31st of August 2012 under MyTamilChannel. This shortfilm is directed by Karthik Shamalan, while the music and background music is by Jose Franklin. Also, the lyrics are penned by Yuwaji, while cinematography is by SK Satiya and Karthik Shamalan. The cast includes Ranesh, Jaya, PD Sara and Easwari. The shortfilm is produced by S Cape Imagination and W Four V Productions. This shortfilm is distributed by 1takemedia.com and will released online with MyTamilChannel.

Indeed, not many shortfilms are produced in the independent scene, thus this will be great benchmark for upcoming people who are interested in this field. Besides, Muthal Naal Indru is also a unique as it sees the collaboration between Malaysia and India as Jose Franklin is from India. Prior to the release of this shortfilm, S Cape Imagination released the video song – Kanavey, from this movie. The song was a considerable hit as it had garnered more than 4000 hits in YouTube.

This shortfilm is indeed to lookout for as to witness what has Karthik Shamalan and his team has in stores for us!


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