[Features] Mas T’s One Man Army

Mas T

He goes by the signature One Man Army, but to say he is alone is an understatement. Armed with the strong backing from his team, Clone Brahmasthen and his ardent friends and fans, Mas T is a name to look out for in the near future. Harbouring his dreams for the past 12 years, Mas T is all set to take centre stage in the coming months. Mas T may sound like a weird name for a rapper, but it actually stands for Master Tamil. With strong heritage roots, this rapper first started his journey as a mel0dy singer with his group FBI. Like many singers, Mas T eventually changed his genre from melody to rap and reinvented himself under his group called Tamilanz. After gaining some exposure, Mas T eventually got his big break with Haze Freaky G as he was featured in Haze’s Freaky G anthem

One Man Army

With much luck, Mas T was able to join venture with another upcoming group, Code Crew, in which he released the track Chinna Chittu. The track saw Lil Joe J and Mas T combining their vocal efforts while A Plus composed the music for this track. While Chinna Chittu gave Mas T the needed exposure, it was Tamila that got him the recognition. Once again, composed by A Plus, Tamila saw both Haze Freaky G and Mas T doing what they do the best.

With slowly achieving his aim, Mas T released his first single, Mugaputhagam, from his upcoming album One Man Army. The track Mugaputhagam elevated Mas T’s credentials as it was featured in THR Raaga Malaysian Top Ten. Therefore, this provided Mas T the necessary avenue for him to showcase his talent as a rapper and a musician. Signed under Clone Brahmasthen, the founder, Nesh has encouraged and supported Mas T in all ways to release his first album.

When we contacted Mas T and briefly talked with him, he mentioned that he owes his success to his keen fans, Nesh and Haze Freaky G for constantly motivating him to achieve his goals. He also mentioned his album will cover a range of themes, such as love, unity and encouragement. He also added that he will be introducing three new and young talents through his album – Toodee Selamber, Gezzy Man and Jey Clone Brahmasthen. Therefore, the dream of 12 years of this humble singer is finally coming into reality. He promised he will deliver his level best through this album. Do watch this space as we will be doing our first ever interview with Mas T. We hope to provide you guys with more information about Mas T and his upcoming album, One Man Army.


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