[Track] Deftman’s Rakayee – A unique blend of reggae and dappan koothu

Deftman’s Rakayi

Deftman has finally released his track, titled Rakayee. The track was first aired on Radio Mirchi Chennai. Here is the track:

What are your initial thoughts of the track? As for us, we think it is a good blend of genres, it is not entirely reggae rather it is a blend of reggae and dappan koothu. If you have heard of koothu rap, then this would be koothu reggae. It has the trademark Indian music and with Deftman’s reggae voice accompanying it, this track is indeed unique. This indeed new and different in the Tamil reggae scene and the Mannin Mainthargal scene generally. Let’s see what Deftman and his team No Name Recordz has to offer in the coming months prior to his album release!


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