[Reviews] Aaryan – the Masterpiece

So, Dinesh Kanagaratnam is back with his second solo album – Aaryan. Besides, he has reinvented himself and now goes by the name ADK or Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam. If we are not mistaken (we are taking a wild guess here), the name Aaryan was given to him by his wife. Regardless of ADK or Dinesh K, it is great to see the comeback of this Tamil rapper.

Many would not know that ADK first started his journey with the album Cross Culture back in 2006. It was a collaboration album with Gajan. This was followed by ADK’s first solo album Thamila in 2008. Personally, Thamila was the album which launched ADK’s career and made him a household name among Tamil rappers. In 2010, ADK collaborated with Charles Bosco to release SL2SG. In the following year, he released another collaboration album with his Antostage team titled Whatelse. While both SL2SG and Whatelse have achieved considerable success but the benchmark set by Thamila was yet to be beaten. Hence, the success of Aaryan will not only justify ADK’s success as rap artist but also will launch his career into greater heights. Thus, what makes Aaryan unique? The album does not only boast a vast number of artists working together but it will also see ADK making his comeback in the rap scene.

ADK is a handful of rappers outside of India to shine in the Indian Tamil cinema industry. ADK first made his entrance in the Tamil cinema industry through Vijay Antony’s Aathichudi, which is actually a remake of Surangani, a track from Thamila. ADK continued his success with Chinna Thamarai and Mere Piya in 2008. The following year he was featured in D.Imman’s Odi Polama and for Paul Jacobs’ Rajadi Raja and Kattradhu Kalavu. ADK’s rose to prominence in 2011, as he alongside Charles Bosco were the music director for the yet-to-be released film 18 Vayasu.

That’s the brief outline of Dinesh Aaryan Kanagaratnam’s history, so what makes ADK truly unique in the Tamil scene? ADK started as a Tamil rapper in Sri Lanka. Being a pioneer in their local scene, ADK had worked immensely hard to get where he is today. Due to the conflicting nature of Sinhalese-Tamil in Sri Lanka, ADK is probably one of the few artists in the mainstream Tamil rap scene who have withstand numerous controversies. Yet, that is what makes ADK unique. He cannot be defined due to his locality or even based on his religious beliefs or origin. ADK is best defined as a just a Tamil rapper representing all Tamils around the world. He is more like a bridge uniting Tamils across the world. This is what makes ADK as an international artist, which is apt considering Aaryan was released on an international scale.

Aaryan, was released on 14th July 2012, exactly a week ago, in Sri Lanka, India Singapore, Malaysia, Europe (Switzerland) and worldwide internet downloads on iTunes, Amazon and etc. Meanwhile, J.R. Mediaworks bought the publishing rights for the entire Europe content and the Worldwide Internet Distributions. For the Singapore and Malaysian market, Psycho.Unit Asia along with Antostage Records are the publishers. As for the Indian market, Antomatic Music & Entertainment and Greatmu6 bought the rights. Die-A-Tribe Entertainment bought the credential and publishing rights along with Antostage Records to launch the album in Sri Lanka. Both Antostage Records and Die-A-Tribe Entertainment will also be doing major promotional campaigns in Colombo, Kandy, hatton, Matara and elsewhere. With such massive collaborative work, do expect Aaryan to be the best album to date by ADK. Hence, without further ado, we present to you the review of Aaryan, song-by-song.

 Hollaback Muniamma

Written and Performed by ADK featuring Rabbit.Mac of PSYCHO.unit. Produced by GOA. Mixed by Rabbit.Mac. Featuring Malaysia’s favourite artist Rabbit.Mac and this track does not need any review or explanation as this track is under circulation since last year. Mixed by Rabbit.Mac @ PSYCHO.unit Playground, with crazy lyrics from ADK and Rabbit.Mac, but for those who still haven’t listened to the song, follow this link


You Ate My Money

Performed and written by ADK. Produced by Vikram Varman. Mixed by Deyo. This song speaks about bitchy girls eating guys money for real (sounds harsh but that’s the raw meaning of the song). Story like lyrics, there is a music video for the song which you guys want to check out . This video song is completely based on vector, cartoon like music video! Sounds cool right? Check it out!

Engeyo Ennavo (Bonus)

Performed by ADK featuring Deyo. Written by Dayan Shan (Deyo). Produced and mixed by Deyo. This is another song which really touched my heart with soft and soothing lyrics. Lovely song for love out there, check the song!. Lyrics are also provided in Youtube’s description.

Thanni Thotti

Written and Performed by ADK collaborating Krishnan Maheson featuring Archana Sellathurai. Produced by Vasanth Sellathurai. Mixed by Deyo. No words to describe this song, seriously speaking! ADK singing “Penne unn muka semmah lawa”! Malay words in the song! Malaysians should be proud of this particular track as it contains reasonable amount Malaysian words and not forgetting Krishan Maheson’s killin’ swag, this is a song can break through any chart. Please check the preview on iTunes to check out on the song. Another solid reason to get the album.

Kadhal Ratchasan

Written and performed by ADK featuring Fallacy. Produced and mixed by Deyo. This song is more to club song with lyrics dedicating to a girl. How nice, something different isn’t it?

Kannodu Ottrikondai

Written by Raj Mohan, Performed by ADK featuring Jason Jayaseelan and Madhushan. Another song beside Engeyo Ennavo, lovely song with banging beats, well placed lyrics over the songs! Check iTunes for the preview.

Theeradhey Oru

Performed by ADK featuring Deyo, written by Dayan Shan (Deyo). Produced and mixed by Deyo. Soothing and meaningful lyrics from the song, magical touch from Deyo and exceptional performance by ADK, this song is on par with other tamil cinema songs, or higher than that!

Mattakuliya Killa

Written and performed by ADK featuring Stylomannavan and Jacki B. Produced and mixed by Charles Bosco . Mattakuliya? Yes, ADK’s hometown. This track is another well engineered track by Charles Bosco with ADK, Stylomannavan and Jacki B’s verses on the track. Good chemistry between them produced quality track, in fact, this was the 1st track I listened from the album.

Goka Pearu

Written and Performed by ADK featuring Candyman of PSYCHO.unit and Sarangga Dinesh. Produced by Saranga Dinesh. Well I didn’t mention that Mattukuliya Killa had dub like sounds but I have to mention that this song is perfect dubstep song you should listen! I loved the wobbling part! Less Tamil dubstep songs, and this song is a good reason for other to produce tamil dubstep song.

Osama Obama

Written and Performed by ADK Collaborating Sincity Prettyboy featuring MC Sai. Produced by ADK, Co-produced and mixed by Shenal. Well this song is more to like a song that sends a message to people. Antostage’s new boy Sincity Prettyboy and MC Sai made good effort to keep the track flying.

Get In Girl

Written and Performed by ADK featuring Clewz. Mixed by Deyo. This guy Clewz, no idea of who he is? Then dig through Sri Lankan music, his rap is good! ADK’s joint with Clewz is well explained in this track.

Devadhai (Bonus)

Written and Performed by Arul K and ADK, backup vocal by Pravin Saivi from WHATELSE album. Produced by ADK. Although this is a bonus track in Aaryan album, I bet this is a worthy bonus track! Excellent quality with soothing lyrics! It can be your dedication to your girlfriend!

Indian Superman (Bonus)

Written and Performed by ADK featuring MC Vkey from WHATELSE album. Produced by ADK. Damn, this is a crazy song! From start to end, perfect work of creativity and technical works! I loved the part when ADK sings in funny rhyme that resembles a devotional song, hats off! Although it’s a bonus track, it gives a lift to other songs!

Kuruvi Clubmix (Bonus)

Written and Performed by ADK featuring Benny Dayal and Jacki B from SL2SG album. Produced by Charles Bosco. This is a clubmix version of Kuruvi song by ADK from SL2SG album, one of my favorite song till today. I’m sure most of us listened to the song, so yes club song, and let’s shake our body! Shaky shaky!

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Nisal Gangodage unless stated.

We at DailyMMNews managed to get ADK on-line and asked him what he would like to say to his Malaysian supporters and this is what he said, “Support not for my race, religion or where I came from but for my music, my hard work and my mind 24/7 thinking about my fans while I’m doing music”. We also learnt that many of us are marginalizing music under racial or religious base. This is a nonsensical thought of pushing aside a person’s day in and day out hard work with just lame reasons. Let us look at the effort and hard work of a musician to produce a masterpiece album with the collaborative work from people around the world. ADK has achieved that, thus it is important to recognize and acknowledge this. For Malaysians, the album is now available nationwide in leading Indian stores. Stop World Music Piracy!

In conclusion, the album is worth the buy and it is now certified that ADK is back with a bang! As for us, we believe the benchmark set by Thamila has certainly been surpassed by Aaryan. Now tell us, what you think?

Review by Vignesh and Uthaya and Background by Bliss

Aaryan Album Cover

Credits to: Ben G Photography