[Features] Tiban’s Priyam

Tiban of Acoustical Recordz

Tiban, is a man who loves to work behind the scene, having conjured many magical releases since 2008, Tiban prefers to be low profile and continue to produce fascinating music.

Tiban’s latest venture is with his new album, Priyam, which is scheduled to release either this year or early next year. He describes himself as musician who is insanely crazy over music. His experiences in the local music scene ranges from working in movies and singles, below is a summary of his experiences:

Worked as Assistant Music Director For S.A.Arun – 2007 – 2008.

  • Assistant dubbing engineer/foley for the movie Vikrant
  • Assistant audio engineer for the movie Maaria & Akhirat
  • Assistant for the single Makkal Sakthi

Composed singles

  • Oru Kathal Kathai (debut track) – 2008
  • One Love (2nd singles) – 2009
  • Kathal Nejamthaana (3rd Singles) – 2010
  • Kadhal Thodarum (4th Singles) – 2011
  • Sai Samarth – 2011
  • Kadhal Imsai – 2012
Recording,Mixing & Mastering Engineer
  • Synergy Studio (Masterskill Radio Jingles – 2008
  • Music album No Mercy – 2009
  • Boomerangx & Sundrra for the Deeparaaga song titled Mangala Naalil
    Semifinalist for the deeparaaga contest – 2009
  • Christian Devotional album titled Ummaiyae Nesipean, Music Composer R.L.Daniel – 2009

Dubbing Engineer

  • MIG SOUND FACTORY, Metrowealth International Group under Kang

Music composed for:

  • Chakra Yuthan’s ONE LOVE – 2009 (Chakra Yuthan are newcomers and this was their debut song)
  • Kondattam – 2009 (Performed by Maniarasu & Komal, Lyrics by Sothirajen)
  • 5 tracks titled Sultan Ariffin, Mutham, Pearazhagi, Sengengam & Ar Rahman song For J. S Sivam’s Album
  • Single titled Manamea for the upcoming group Samskaras – 2010
  • Single for MGR (World Peace ) – 2010

Produced Background Score:

  • for a Deepavali telemovie titled Theeba Kondattam under the direction of Director Naga fdam

Mixing & Mastering Engineer:

  • 1 MALAYSIA Song, Music Composed by Vishal – 2009
  • Big Ben JBC’s Album Songs
  • Shameshan Manimaran’s 3 singles Kanneril Or Kavithai, Havoc Song & Yethetho
  • Ruff Jay’s Uyire Uyiranean Single.

Mastering Engineer

Saran Z’s Ennavaley album – 2010

Tiban has indeed worked with various people in the music industry, ranging from upcoming artists like Big Ben to established composers such as Saran Z. Tiban is currently working on his first album, which is titled as Priyam. The album is set to feature a number of love tracks and also some melodious kuthu rap. Summer 2012, is also set to be a busy year for Tiban as he has numerous tracks lined up, which sees him collaborating with upcoming artists from the Tamil diaspora in Europe. Not to mention, Tiban has an ardent fan base from Europe, making him a sought after music composer.

One of the tracks set to be released in this year Deepavali is Vizhigal Seruma, a track by Dhilip Varman and lyrics by Jeenitha and Ilamkavi Thendral Saaniya from Europe. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration works out.

Vizhigal Seruma

Besides, Tiban’s latest track is Kadhal Imsai, which is a melodious piece:

Tiban currently runs his own production house called Acoustical Recordz. The name might be unfamiliar to your ears but it has produced a number of hits, such as Oru Kathal Kathai and Kadhal Thodarum. Click on the image below to locate Acoustical Recordz on Facebook:

Acoustical Recordz

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