[Opinion] Naduvan and Dr.Burn

Lately we witness the launch of NADUVAN music video by Dr.Burn. I’m pretty sure everyone have watched it, I did watched it too. I saw lots of comment on the music video, some people said it’s nice, good, good music and etc. None actually managed to understand the message that is bundled with the music video. Okay, Naduvan song is a part of 8 devotional songs released under Pranavam during Thaipusam season. I attended the launch which felled on a rainy Sunday. Let’s get back to Naduvan and Dr.Burn. Dr.Burn or Athiruban Manohara Naicker is no stranger to the Malaysian tamil music scene, almost everybody knows about him. His punchy tamil rap and his love towards tamil made him to shine among other rappers till today. Here, some may claim that his raps are hard to catch up as the words are too complicated, and my suggestion would be: learn tamil in and out. Speaking about him, he did numerous songs locally and internationally. His 1st song about tamil and it’s significance in DIWAN’s album, a track called Tamil. He featured with Sytylomannavan (Stylomannavan Superfly) and ShevanRaj (Sheezay). Second song was Athi Dravidan, came under Sollisai Thalaivan EP with Masta K and now Naduvan. These three songs conveyed good message to everybody, I’m not sure anybody got the message or not, but I do. As a Indian, it’s hard to find a rapper like him or anybody to sing about tamil or it’s significance these days. Among this songs, my favourite was Athi Dravida, a energetic tamil patriotic song that can motivate any person at any-time.

It motivated me too, sadly, not much air play for this song. A song that speaks about how powerful is Tamil. Once again, nobody seem to appreciate the message that is conveyed. Now, another meaningful song from Dr.Burn, very meaningful indeed for my point of view. Latest news is that the video has reached 13K views in Youtube. So, take time to understand the message from the song and be good to all. I’m sure most of us came across a scene where the son will throw the money to his mum, but at the end, money in coin will be placed on his forehead. You know what I meant. Here’s the link to the video in case you want to watch it:



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