[Features] DEI Clothing

Dei Clothing is an independent Malaysian Clothing Line founded in 2012 which focuses on the Macha theme. If you have not watched the trailer, watch it first. The tagline of Dei Clothing is All Dei, Every Dei. Cost of each tee which includes shipping is priced at RM55. Indeed, it is pleasing to see an own a clothing line dedicated to the Macha community.

Dei Clothing is initiated and run by Tactmatic and Vignesh Menon. Their awesome work ethics seem to be paying off. If you are interested to get a tee you can like them on their Facebook page, as below:

Dei Clothing


The first round of printing is finished and a second round will likely to start soon. Instead of buying overpriced tees from elsewhere, it is much better to buy from Dei Clothing. Let’s support our own clothing line and make it a success.


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