[Blog] What’s HOT this June?

Many things are lined up to be released this week and the following. As mentioned before, Mannin Mainthargal – the local music scene, is always busy with new releases. This is very good for our music scene as it continues to grow exponentially and challenge barriers. Here’s what set to be released in the coming days:

12 June 2012: Naduvan Music Video


14 June 2012: No Name Recordz presents My Dear Appa (a collaboration with Azwan Salam)

My Dear Appa

16 June 2012: S.L.Y Squadz Album Launching – Ithu Chumma Trailer

Ithu Chumma Trailer album by S.L.Y Squad

June 2012 (Undisclosed): Inni Vendham Music Video

June 2012 (Undisclosed): MVP’s anniversary track – Lai Loo

Lai Loo

June 2012 (Undisclosed): Harikumar’s second singles Tholai Thuram featuring Sharanya Jegathesan & ThugfaceCrew Saint

Harikumar – Tholai Thuram

I am taking a wild guess this will be released June, if it doesn’t, I am truly sorry.

June 2012 (Undisclosed): Whose Lambat Tea? Music Video

Might be released in June, since the trailer was released a month ago.

I am very sure more interesting and exciting things are releasing which I might have left out, if there is any, do update!



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