[Teaser] Dr. Burn’s Naduvan releasing on the 12th June 2012

Naduvan Official Poster

It has been confirmed that Naduvan will be releasing on the 12th of June 2012. From the stills, it can be said that the music video looks stunning and beautiful. Besides, from the look of the official poster, it is highly likely this will Dr. Burn’s best music video. I would also like to highlight the Tamil date found below the Gregorian date, it is indeed pleasing to see this. The post production is by Ugly Duckling Studios, the team who delivered the viral Cheers (Psychomantra) video. Below is the full credits as obtained from Dr Burn’s Facebook account.

Executive Producer : Sollisai Nation

Music : Dr. Burn

Lyrics : Dr. Burn

Singers : Dr. Burn & Michael Rao

Guitar : Mc Dv

Sitar : Samuel J Dass

Director : JK Wicky

Associate Director : Shanjhey Kumar Perumal

Assistant Director  : Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan
: Manan Subra

Director of Photography : Senthil Kumaran Muniandy

Production Manager : Denesh Kumar Pugalzenthi

Assistant Camera Man :
Revo Sri
Siva Prasad

Stills : Haran Musiq & Navinkumar Perianen

Art design : Haran Musiq

Gaffer : Esvaran Krishnan (Mani Bhai)

Art Director : Kavitha Palanisamy

Make Up : Meerra Manohgaran

Production Assistants :
Arvin Kumar Chandrababu
Alvin Martin

Editing & Color Correction : Manan Subra & JK Wicky

Crane Operator : Najmee

Indoor Studio : Ribu Vision

Post Production : @ Ugly Duckling Studios Sdn. Bhd

Cast :
Ganesan Manogaran
Ravi Shankar (Astana Arts)
Deepasri nair


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