[Video] Daz Wazzle ft. Shane Xtreme – Medhukaane Thee

Have you guys watched this video? If you haven’t, you seriously should. The music video is directed by Kuhan Kunasegaran of Dope Motion Films. Now, the name Kuhan Kunasegaran might sound unfamiliar, but I ampretty sure the name Tactmatic will surely ring a bell to your ears. Yes, he is the nation’s top freestyle emcee who have several freestyle championship under his belt, namely TYGS (Think You Got Skillz), KL Slam Jam, and The Illestcipher (Singapore).


Besides being a top emcee, Tact’s latest project sees him taking the  role as video music director and this music video, Medhukaane Thee, is seriously off the hook. The song is written by Daz Wazzle and Senthan and performed by Daz himself and Shane Xtreme, the music producer. Shane Xtreme of SCii Studio, is also the one responsible for producing the hit number Inni Vendham.  Thus, if you have not heard the song, expect it to be both hip-hop and melodious. The music video is of high quality and it is inspiring to see more quality Mannin Mainthargal videos being produced.

Daz Wazzle

Medhukaane Thee is not Tactmatic’s first video, as previously he produced Dahya’s Avalin Pagam. 


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