[Blog] K Town Clan, years gone by!

K Town Clan – Winners of Blast Off 1

How many of you guys remember this?

K Town Clan, winners of the first ever Blast Off – the vocal category. When they entered the competition, they were nobodies, they had limited experience performing on a stage, they had no singles or even demos, for that matter, out in comparison to the other groups. They promoted a music genre which was entirely new to the young Malaysian population. Yet with odds against them, they won the competition (by a milestone, if my memory does not fail me).

Upon winning Blast Off, K Town Clan released their single Come Get Some and then vanished and now after six or seven years, they released their debut album, Playground, last year and I can vouch that their six years of experimenting and searching for their sound has paid off. They came out as big winners in the recent VIMA awards and numerous awards in BMM. The years gone by has only made K Town Clan stronger and stronger, let’s hope they continue doing good music.


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