[Track] Deftman’s bhangra riddim – Nachhangi

If you looking for some dancehall or reggae vibes, look no further. I just came across this track called Nachhangi which was featured in Goldkartz’s second album 24 Karaatz which was released in 2011. The track was produced by Goldkartz and it features Ranjit Gill and Deftman. The focus of this post will be on Deftman, a rastaman.

Nachhangi by Goldkartz feat. Deftman

Not many Mannin Mainthargals do reggae, thus Deftman is a handful of those who do rasta/reggae/riddim. This track, Nachhangi, sees Deftman performing bhangra riddim, a true fusion of music. Deftman is one of the unique talents coming out from Malaysia and he deserves the recognition. Prior being a solo artist, he was part of Tribe 3, a local act which participated in Blast Off 2 and Gang Starz.

Deftman of No Name Recordz

Deftman is set to release his solo album in 2013 titled The rise of the original Rasta-Mizhan tentatively. More updates on Deftman will be up soon!

Rise of the original Rasta-Mizhan



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