[Features] Top 10 Mannin Mainthargal Music Videos of 2011 – February 2012

2011, was the year of music videos for the Mannin Mainthargal scene, after years of producing music videos which lack quality, 2011 can be considered as a revolution in the scene. Hence, I have compiled the top ten videos from 2011 up to February 2012 according to my personal viewpoint and also considering the amount of Youtube views. Firstly, selecting a top 10 music videos for the Mannin Mainthargal scene is no easy task. That’s why I have selected these music videos based on its credential and trying my best not to be bias or favouring anyone in particular. So, without further ado, DMM News presents to you, the Top Ten Music Video (from 2011 to Feb 2012).

10. Legend Mathan – Selai

Best bits: The models, the lighting, the settings, first-class editing by Mohamed Hilmi Hanifa, the beautiful Reenetha, Hanida and Legend’s expression.

Verdict: One of the top class music videos produced, the only disappointment is the feet shot from 2.04 to 2.13. Additionally, it is also rare to see movie artists appearing in music videos, thus this is a good move and should be done more often.

09. Mista G featuring Rabbit. Mac and Young Ruff

Best bits: The ladies, the rabbits, Rabbit. Mac, Young Ruff, Mista G, the back-up dancers at 2.30, Rabbit. Mac’s Harimau Malaya jersey,

Verdict: Apparently, the original source of the video (Mista G official Youtube channel) has been removed, thus it’s a shame because this video was one of the highest viewed in the Mannin Mainthargal scene. Jay Seelan Raj, the director, did a good job, although more can be done. Besides, edited by Mohamed Hilmi Hanifa as well, this video stands out from the rest because of the lovely ladies.

08. Prem K, Vairavan and Blackjack – Maranthai Manameh

Best bits: The location, the model, the rap by Homicidez and the editing by Shasin

Verdict: The reason why this video is in the Top Ten because it was produced in a smaller budget (I believe so) yet it managed to attract a large number of views. Besides, since the director, Shasin, has done a great job with minimal resources, thus it deserves to be recognized.

07. Saran Narayanan, Balan Kashmir & Pravin McKenzie – Kalainyan

Best bits: The MJ impersonator, Swagadee + Sree Sonic Image, Juz McKenzie, Balan and Saran Narayanan

Verdict: Only 1000+ views on Youtube, it is unsurprising as the video was not really promoted on social media. As far as I can remember, this is the first partnership between Swagadee and Sree Sonic Image. It is a good video which pays tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

06. Vilaiyaatu Pasange Movie Soundtrack 

Best bits: Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, Daddy Shaq and Shamini Ramasamy doing what they do best, the set, the editing, Reenetha and Jasmine

Verdict: An awesome music video for an awesome movie. This is the first video which features all three Psycho Unit artists – Daddy Shaq, Rabbit Mac and Sheezay. Superbly edited and good storyboard, this is the type of music videos which will surely elevate the Tamil industry.

05. Ashtaka – Let’s Get It Together 

Best bits: Nadine Ann Thomas, Cassandra Patrick and Ayu Shamsudin, the settings and lighting, the tabla, Ashtaka

Verdict: July 2011, everyone was shocked when Reshmonu revealed his latest project Ashtaka’s new music video – Let’s Get It Together. Let’s Get It Together is probably the finest ever music video produced as no flaws can be found. SHPice Pictures had done a great job in delivering such an awesome music video with well-known models!

04. Rabbit Mac – Ma Carrotz

Best bits: Vevo Channel, Rabbit Mac’s expressions, the entire crew, Cub’Ally, Transformers, the skit, Sree Sonic Image and Swagadee

Verdict: The amazing partnership of Sree Sonic Image and Swagadee has done it again, this time with Rabbit Mac. The video created a storm on social media when it was first released, there are two reasons for this – one, the quality of the video and two, first time a Mannin Mainthargal act has a Vevo account. The video speaks volumes and the succes of it promises a great partnership between Sree Sonic Image and Swagadee.

03. K Town Clan – Give Em the Ughh

Best bits: The urban gangster feel, the bulldog, the burning set during Roshan’s verse, the Machas and the dancing at 5.15

Verdict: When K Town Clan’s Give Em The Ughh was released, everybody knew K Town Clan was back. The only difference was, this time around, they have found their voice and identity – Twisted Crunk, as they call it. Whatever they may call it, trust me, it sounds good and this video does justice for the track! VRPShots have done a remarkable job in making this video which clearly suits the awesome track! Ignore the skit, if you are a sensitive person.

02. Psychomantra – Cheers

Best bits: The wheelchair stunts, the girls, Psychomantra’s flow, Crank KS as the devil, the lorry scene at 2.55

Verdict: Cheers is probably one of the best videos ever produced, a big thanks for SpeedFive for producing a music video, which Psychomantra clearly deserves. Psychomantra is one of the most consistent acts who has been delivering hits after hits, and with this video, it is only proper we acknowledge the man for his musical versatility. One of the highest Youtube views, Cheers is not just a track, rather an anthem for the Machas! Patthale Patthale Sooru Patthale!

01. Sheezay – Rockaboy

Best bits: Sheezay, the bharatanatyam, M.G.R impersonator, the entire Psycho. Unit Crew, the motiongraphy by December, third place in BMM Global Awards, K Town Clan and Altimet, the girl with the lollipop, Rubba Bend’s introduction.

Verdict: The bronze winners of the Bite My Music Global Awards, it is only apt to rank Rockaboy number one. Candyman has justified himself both as a director and editor, while December had done an awesome job with the motiongraphy. Nonetheless, Psycho. Unit mentioned that the success of this video was due to culminative efforts, as each crew member had contributed their ideas and thoughts during the pre- and post production of the video. This clearly underlines the importance of working together and that is what Psycho. Unit is all about since their arrival in the Mannin Mainthargal scene. On another note, Candyman has his own video production company called Gecko Scope, while December runs Rapla Psycho. Unit. The sucesss of this video has certainly increased the public’s expectation on both Candyman and December and it will be interesting  to see what’s  in store for both this creative duo.


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