[Album] S.L.Y Squad’z Album Launching

S.L.Y Squad

S.L.Y Squad’z are launching their first album ‘Ithu Chumma Trailer’ on June 2012. The title of their album and the album trailer, which was released in May 2012, do coincide with each other. Here’s the trailer:

It is only apt to call S.L.Y Squad a family, rather than a group, as the family has a total of 10 members which are – A-C, Body-G, BigSyze, C’Snav, Ku_Ma, D7, Mista Carey, Primenal Kash, R.i.E & Shane X’treme.

S.L.Y Squad’s breakthrough into the local scene was through ‘Enthe Pennilum v. 2009’, which gained reputation a nationwide response. The song was played excessively on radio stations and top ranked in song charts.

After taking a hiatus nearly 2 years, S.L.Y Squad is back with their own album, titled ‘Ithu Chumma Trailer’. The last time they released something was on 2009 for Mista Carey’s underground LP – Careylin. Their latest singles Yennai Yenna Seithai and Inni Vendham is making waves and creating a bigger fanbase for S.L.Y Squad.

Besides, S.L.Y Squad is releasing their latest music video, which is Thyivya’s Inni Vendham, which is a certified hit. The teaser is as below:

Info: MyTamilChannel and S.L.Y Squad Facebook


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