[Review] M.V.P – The Tamil Supergroup

M.V.P – The Tamil Hip Hop Supergroup

M.V.P, also known as Most Valuable Playaz, is a supergroup consisting of JB-Singapore Tamil artists. The supergroup was initiated in June 2011 with fifteen artists collaborating for their first self-titled singles. The first M.V.P track was composed by Switch and it featured Lil P, Tony J, Big Vitz, DJ Sathiya, Killawill, DJ Funky Sara, Hustler, Yaso, Mista Tee, Sai Prashanth, Vish-1, Vikadakavi, Silvestar, Mr.5K and Switch himself. The monster track lasts a full eight minutes with solid Tamil poetry and catchy English verses.

The second M.V.P track was released on November 2011 titled Ponnambalam. Produced by Mr.5K and Switch and composed by Switch, Ponnambalam featured Tony J, Big Vitz, Vish-1, V-Sha and both Switch and Mr.5K themselves. Switch’s landmark electro style is evident in this track and it is one of his better produced tracks.

The third and latest M.V.P track, Party Zone, saw No Name Recordz’s main man Sai Prashanth assuming the role of the music producer. This track saw El Hustler, Stylerz Madhan, Killawill, Deftman, Vikadakavi joining hands with Sai Prashanth to deliver M.V.P’s finest track and it was released on March 2012. Deftman’s raga chorus dominated the track by giving the ‘party’ feel with El Hustler, Stylerz Madhan, Killawill and Sai Prashanth doing what they do best. Vikadakavi, the bombastic rapper, brought the track to a whole new level.

So, this June 2012 will mark the 1 year anniversary of M.V.P and the track Lai Loo is set to be released. So let’s see what is in store.


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