[Features] Rabbit. Mac and Sheezay signed for Mainthen movie

It has been revealed that both Rabbit. Mac and Sheezay have signed for the movie Mainthen.

Mainthen – A movie by CK Kumaresan

The story is about Dev, a frustrated lonely man, and a boy called Arun. The storyline focuses on Dev who found a boy named Arun, at the back of his car, after finding his stolen car from a group of human traffickers. Thus, the relationship between Dev and Arun develops as Dev has no option to provide shelter for Arun. Thus, it focuses on how they get along with each other albeit making Dev a better man in the process. The story then takes a twist when Dev makes a mistake in negotiating a deal with the kidnappers – as he returns the boy to the human traffickers for the exchange of his car. Hence, what follows is how Dev plots his mission to rescue the boy.

The movie is by CK Kumaresan, of Undercover Rascal fame. So, do expect both Rabbit. Mac and Sheezay to carry out interesting roles! And it will be interesting to see how these superstar musicians perform in the acting world!


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