[Opinion] Psychomantra’s Cheers

When Punithamana Thulasi was released in June 2011, many people were excited about the album. Not only it was Psychomantra’s biggest album to date but numerous artists collaborated in the album to make it a huge success. One song which stood out from that album was Cheers, particularly amongst the youth.

The track Cheers is about celebration – celebration of life and to stop worrying. The song follows the theme that one should enjoy life and forget their worries with their friends by getting drunk, thus the line ‘pathele pathele sooru pathele’ which was used in the track became popular. The track was such a hit among local youths, that Facebook groups started to emerge, such as ‘Cheers, Innun Konjum’ and ‘Patthele Patthele Sooru Patthele’. The success of the track spawned the music video, produced by Speed Five (a Malaysian Indian company). The success of the music video can be measured by its Youtube views which accounts a total of 251, 793 views, most likely the highest number of views of any Mannin Mainthargal act. Besides, the music video, which was released on New Year’s Day, was considered one of the best music videos in 2011. Crank KS also features in the music video.

However, it recently came to light that the track has received no airplay on radio stations and not once played on TV stations. This is clearly shocking as the track has received not only good reviews from Malaysians but fans from around the world. Nonetheless, not much can be done but here’s to Cheers – most likely to be Psychomantra’s best track ever-made.


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