[Features] Gearing up for Syndicate’s CantekMachaBunga

Syndicates’s long awaited mixtape is finally dropping on June 2012. The title of the mixtape, ‘CantekMachaBunga: The Mixtape’, which is eye-catching and unique, suggests this album is likely to be different from their previous work. The announcement of their mixtape came in the form of their first singles release, called Women Lie Men Lie, by Kaydee (one part of Syndicate) featuring Sheezay and Rabbit. Mac of Psycho. Unit. The official artwork is as below:

Kaydee feat Sheezay and Rabbit. Mac – Women Lie Men Lie

While, the focus is on Kay Dee, do not forget Pirate, who is set to release his track with Tiban of Acoustical Recordz called Ennamo Achi, a fun, uplifting love track.

For those who do not know who is Syndicate, here is a re-fresher course. Syndicate, which was formed in Seremban, consists of the amazing duo – Pirate and Kay Dee (used to be known as Haan Jay). Their musical style ranges primarily from hip hop, rap and R&B, but they also tend to experiment with a range of music, which is evident through the hit track Inthe Ulagam (under Dhesam 7).

Syndicate’s history in the Mannin Mainthargal scene can be dated back in 2010, with their hit single, ‘Oru Nodi (Oru Nodiyil Kathal)’, which immediately caught the attention of many people. Then known as Dhesam 7 – Jamez Raj, Pirate and Haan Jay, they gained instant recognition through this breakthrough track and everyone was forced to take serious note of these talented trio. This eventually gave birth to Syndicate, which consists the duo Pirate and Haan Jay.

Syndicate’s formal entrance in the local music industry is through their debut album titled ‘Chackram and Syndicate’, which was a collaborative effort between Syndicate, then signed under Culture Shock Records, and Chackram Production. The album was released on 12th February 2011 to positive reviews. Syndicate did three songs for the album which are Marainthirunthe featuring Crank K.S., Thaali Ready…! and Club’kulle Syndicate featuring Psychomantra. Both Marainthirunthe and Thali Ready…! were considered successful, further enhancing Syndicate’s reputation as an exciting new talent which needs to be recognized.

Chackram And Syndicate
Syndicate’s debut album alongside Chackram Production

After the release of their debut album, Syndicate forged old alliances by signing under Dhesam 7 Records (now operating as a recording label). Upon signing under Dhesam 7, Syndicate has been focusing on developing their sound and style, thus only releasing a couple of tracks, namely the infectious Inthe Ulagam and Mayiley and featuring another which is Saamekozhi (a track by Biz’ Eshwa). Nonetheless, all the tracks have achieved good success and Syndicate has redefined their sound with maturity and poise. Thus, their latest mixtape, CantekMachaBunga is likely to be the mixtape which firmly places Syndicate in the Mannin Mainthargal map and with Psycho. Unit collaborating in Kay Dee’s track Women Lie Men Lie, this mixtape will not disappoint.


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